Working with Shaztra

Welcome to Shaztra! We are excited to work with you. This document addresses frequently asked questions about who we are, how we operate, and how we collaborate with your team.

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What is Shaztra?

Shaztra is both a service and a platform that helps software teams ship high-quality code faster by taking on their QA.

We write, run and maintain automated end-to-end tests that mimic user interactions with your application. This approach allows us to test your core functionality and ensure that all your critical flows are working as expected when you deploy changes. We diligently look at every test failure and depending on the failure, we either report a bug or maintain your test.

Your tests are available in English in the Shaztra platform at all times to ensure full visibility into what's being tested.

How does Shaztra work?

Phase 1: Product Discovery (2 weeks)

We begin with the product discovery phase, analyzing your web application and developing a customized testing plan tailored to your requirements and development processes. We share this testing plan with you to review, suggest changes, and approve once you are satisfied.

Phase 2: Execution (10 weeks)

During the execution phase, we start by automating the critical happy path scenarios. These are the flows most crucial to your application and must always be fully functional. We have regular check-in points for you to review the progress. By the end of this phase, 80% of your user flows will be covered by automated tests.

Phase 3: Maintenance and exploration (Ongoing)

We continue managing your tests and begin exploratory and negative testing to increase your test coverage. In this phase, we also add tests for new features as your product grows.

Furthermore, we can begin automating tests for new features with finalized product requirements that are soon to be developed. This approach will ensure that your tests are ready when your development team is ready to work on these new features.

How does Shaztra communicate with my team?

We set up a dedicated Slack channel for the teams we work with. We use this channel to collaborate with your team - report bugs, share weekly updates, and clarify questions about automating your tests.

Most teams add at least a few development team members to this slack channel to monitor the bugs we report and help answer any questions we may have about your application.

If you have trouble accessing your dedicated Slack channel, please contact

Can Shaztra tests integrate into my CI/CD pipeline?

Yes - Shaztra supports running tests every time you deploy.

The best way to integrate tests would depend on your particular set up. Let's hop on a call and we can make recommendations for your specific use case.

How does Shaztra report bugs?

We report the bugs in your team's dedicated Slack channel. Before reporting, we evaluate each failure to determine whether it's a bug or requires test maintenance. If test maintenance is needed, we promptly address it.

This approach ensures that your team only needs to focus on the actual bugs and is focused on shipping.

We can also work with you to report the issues in the bug-tracking platform of your choice(Jira, Linear, etc.). If you are interested in this, connect with us on your Slack channel or schedule a call.

How do I request coverage for new features?

You can request test coverage for new features in the dedicated Slack channel.

With Shaztra's unique English-based approach to automated testing, we can automate tests for new features as soon as your functional requirements are ready - even before your development team has started to work on the feature.

For new features that are already developed, we can automate tests as soon as they are available to us on the environment you have shared with us, such as staging/qa/dev.

To provide feature details, you can arrange a quick call or record a video to outline the functionality and share relevant documents, such as product specifications, with us.

After completing the tests, we'll update you in the Slack channel and integrate the tests into your test suites upon your approval.

Can I migrate my tests from Shaztra?

Rest assured, there is no lock-in with Shaztra. We want you to work with us because you love it, not because you feel trapped. Although we would be disappointed to part ways, we will understand and respect your decision if you choose to move on.

If that time comes, keep in mind that you can export all your Shaztra tests as Playwright scripts, ensuring you won't have to start automating tests from scratch again.