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Testing is challenging

In rapid delivery cycles, testing is the biggest bottleneck

Software teams

🎯 Goal

Ship high quality, bug free software every release

👓 Reality

  • Rapid changes to software make end-to-end testing an overwhelming task for any sized team.
  • Getting reliable test automation with more than 80% coverage - and staying there - is hard.

That's why we built Shaztra

to make your 🎯 Goal a 👓 Reality

Ship confidently and quickly

In just three short months, we provide you with complete test coverage, and our commitment doesn't end there.

As you expand your functionality, we continuously maintain and enhance your test suite.

With us, you get:

  • 🔤 Tests written in English, ensuring full visibility into what's being tested.
  • ♾️ A cloud infrastructure ready for unlimited parallel test runs.
  • ⛱️ A stress-free environment that gives you back the time you need to focus on your roadmap.

Upgrade your testing process with Shaztra

Shaztra is the only automation solution that helps you make a lasting impact on the testing processes of your team

We take a unique, English-language-based approach to automation testing

⬅️ Shift-Left and catch bugs early

We can automate your tests as soon as the feature requirements are ready - even before your development team writes a single line of code.

A Shift-Left strategy that helps you catch bugs at the earliest possible stage.

🔂 Reduce iterations

Bridge gaps between product specification and development.

That means fewer iterations and a smoother journey from product specification to development.

📈 Track progress

By converting acceptance tests into automated acceptance tests, you get a real-time view of user story completion.

Never imagined that writing a simple English sentence would do magic on screen.

“Our QA processes were manual so there were several instances where we found that basic use cases were broken in production. As a result, the development team had to rework to deliver the hotfixes.

A short demo of the Shaztra and we were certain we needed this now! Never imagined that writing a simple English sentence would do magic on screen. The app was comfortably navigating and testing our web app within minutes.”


Co-founder, Lumiere32

Discover simplicity in test automation with Shaztra

It's like a ✨magic box not a black box

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